Thursday, November 7, 2019

Health benefits of Mariposa Christia vespertilionis

Christia vespertilionis (L. f.) Bakh. f., (Family: Fabaceae), also commonly known as ‘Red butterfly wing’ or ‘daun rerama’ because of the similarity of its leaves to a butterfly in color and shape. This plant has been distributed and formulated as tea throughout Malaysia by traditional practitioners.

The herbs grow to a height of about 60-120 cm in open grasslands, thickets, seaside and roadsides.

This plant is widespread in tropical Southeast Asia and it is assumed to be native to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Myanmar and Malaysia. Triterpenes, alkaloids, fatty acids, phenols, alkanes and long chained alcohols have been identified as main constituents of this plant.

C. vespertilionis is used to treat tuberculosis, bronchitis and inflamed tonsils, colds, muscle weakness and poor blood circulation. The whole plant is used for treating tuberculosis and snake bites while the leaves are used as a topical treatment for healing bone fractures.

The application of crushed leaves of C. vespertilionis on affected body parts provides a cure for scabies. Research also indicates that Christia vespertilionis could serve as an anticancer therapeutic for treatment of neuroendocrine tumors. (ONCOLOGY REPORTS 29: 2219-2226, 2013)
 Mariposa Christia vespertilionis

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