Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Climbing herb of piper sarmentosum roxb

Piper sarmentosum roxb, is  a climbing herb that can grow up to 10 m long with long runners that can develop into plantlets. Leaves are alternate, simple, 7-14 cm by 6-13 cm, heart shape and young leaves have a waxy surface.

The species piper sarmentosum roxb has found much medicinal use. This plant is found in Malaysia, Philippine, the Indonesian archipelago and Thailand.
Piper sarmentosum roxb
The whole plant can be used to treat fever and aids digestion. The fruit is used and as an expectorant while the roots are used to treat toothache, fungal dermatitis on the feet, coughing, asthma and pleurisy.

Water boiled with its root, when taken, is said to be a diuretic. Water boiled together with the leaves, when drinks can treat malaria. The drink also can treat coughs, flue, lumbago, and rheumatism.

In the Philippines, the roots are chewed to promote digestion and externally used to heal wounds.
Climbing herb of piper sarmentosum roxb

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