Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tamarind juice

Ripe tamarind pulp, especially the sweet tamarind, is often eaten fresh. Tamarind fruit pulp is used for seasoning, as a food component, to flavour confections, curries and sauces, and is a main component in juices and certain beverages.

Tamarind juice is a convenient product, prepared by extracting cleaned pulp with boiling water using the counter current principle. It is very rich in tartaric acid (13%) and invert sugars.

Tamarind pulp is used to treat conditions such as intestinal ailments and skin infections which the pulp juice is used as a gargle to treat sore throats.

Ascorbic acid contributes to the nutritional value of tamarind juice and is an essential water – soluble vitamin. It also aids in formation of liver bile which helps to detoxify alcohol and other substances. It had been reported that ascorbic acid reduces the activity of the enzyme, aldose reductase which helps to protect people from diabetes.

In Latin America, tamarind juice has a reputation for preventing hangover, so it's often used as a mixer with alcohol.
Tamarind juice
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